Dome softball schedule!!!!


Here is the schedule for this weeks Run for home in the dome Take 2.


Thursday, April 17th                                
North Field South Field
6:30-7:40 10u FC vs Divas 6:30-7:45   HS  FC 1 vs Kennedy
7:50-9:00 10u FC vs Explode 8:00-9:15  HS   FC 2 vs Jeff
9:10-10:20 12u Attack vs Divas 9:30-10:45  HS  FC 1 vs Xavier
Friday, April 18th                                
6:30-7:40 10u FC vs Fort Dodge  6:30-7:45  14U   FC vs Ft. Dodge
7:50-9:00 12u Fort Dodge vs Attack  8:00-9:15   14U   FC select vs Ft. Dodge
9:10-10:20 12u Fort Dodge vs Divas 9:30-10:45  HS  Barracudas vs FC 2   
Saturday, April 19th                              
12:30-1:40 10u Divas vs Fort Dodge 12:30-1:40  14U Ft. Dodge vs Sliders
1:50-3:00 10u Explode vs Fort Dodge 1:50-3:00  14U  FC vs. FC Select 
3:10-4:20 10u Explode vs Divas 3:10-4:20  14U  Sliders vs. FC
4:30-5:40 12u The Roar vs Attack 4:30-5:40  14U    FC Select vs. Sliders
5:50-7:00 12u Divas vs Sluggers 5:50-7:00   HS   Jeff vs Barracudas
7:10-8:20 12u The Roar  vs Fort Dodge 7:10-8:20   HS  Jeff vs  FC 1
8:30-9:40 12u The Roar vs Sluggers 8:30-9:40  HS  Barracudas vs Ft. Dodge
9:50-11:00 12u Fort Dodge vs Sluggers 9:50-11:00 HS FC 2 vs Ft. Dodge


April 11-13 tournament schedule!!


Thank you for everyone’s participation and patience. We had some last minute challenges of losing 5 hours of Dome usage, for both of our tourneys, which caused us to get creative with our schedule, we had to cut back my 8u and 9u to two games and causes us to eliminate some teams all together. I would like to thank the coaches and teams that were flexible in their playing times, so all of the players can have a great time in the dome

I have had several questions on Wood Bats, To keep it simple, Wood is good, Bamboo is good and 100% wood Hybrids are good. No composites please, not a true known wood content, thus being called composite.

Please let me know of any other questions. IT NEVER RAINS IN THE DOME! PLAY BALL

April 11-13